Brown Packing Tape 6Pk x 100m Rolls

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Strong-hold, heavy duty, multi-purpose brown packing tape, suitable for a range of surfaces. Best packing tape for moving house or sealing boxes for storage. For commercial or home use. 


Best Brown Packing Tape

Use strong-hold tape to seal boxes securely when storing boxes or moving house.

Best prices on strong hold packing tape. Ideal when moving house or for long-term storage use at home, the office or off-site. Keep your things safe with the Best Brown Packing Tape.

  • Brown Packing Tape can be used on a variety of surfaces.
  • Apply packing tape manually or fits a handheld tape gun.
  • Strong adhesion and holding strength for a secure seal.

You Get: 6 Rolls x 48mm x 100m Best Brown Packing Tape

What’s the best packing tape to use when you are moving house?

Some people think that masking tape is good enough to securely seal boxes, but it actually has very hold and often comes unstuck easily and quickly. Be sure to buy strong hold packing tape to get the job done. Using strong packing tape to keep your boxes tightly sealed and secure, and tape that fits a tape gun, makes moving and storing boxes so much easier and secure.

What’s the best way to tape up moving boxes

There are many ways to tape up moving boxes, but there are quick and easy ways to ensure you don’t spend too much time getting each moving box ready. Firstly, make the base of the box by folding the two short sides of the box in, then the two long sides. Then seal each edge with your brown packing tape, and add one or two strips of tape across the bottom of the box, creating an H shape with the packing tape.  For heavier boxes, add tape across the bottom in a X shape to secure the base further. Moving is so much easier with the right tools!

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 24 × 5 cm


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